Start 2018 Off Right!

Happy New Year! With a new year come new resolutions and a desire for change. Wouldn’t it be nice to change up the way you get around town with a brand new Tesla ($160,000 value)? If you enter our Tesla Raffle, 2018 will start of right for you, your community and those in need in the following ways:

You could win a brand new Tesla!

And who doesn’t want that? Especially in the new models that have automatic windshield wipers, door handles that pop out when it detects the key fob nearby and self-driving capabilities, winning a Tesla will be a fun and exciting new update to your driving experience.

You’re supporting a sustainable community.

With Tesla’s innovative technologies and sustainable energy use, winning a new Tesla can mean less pollution in the air, cleaner breathing and happier residents in your community (even if they don’t notice the difference).

You’re empowering families in need.

And this effect is immediate! Your purchase of a Tesla Raffle ticket benefits the Center for Family Resources, which works to stabilize and empower families to become self-sufficient. So even though you have to wait until February 24 at the CFR Gala to find out if you won a new Tesla, you can help to impact the lives of families in need, right here, right now.

We sincerely hope you have a great start to the New Year!

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