Your Best Chance

Can you believe the Powerball reached $550 million? While that means big money for the lucky winners, the odds of actually winning any lottery are very slim. So slim, in fact, that it was estimated your chance at winning the Powerball alone was about one in 292 million.

On the other hand, your chance at winning a brand new, $160,000 Tesla (while supporting The Center for Family Resources we might add) is only at maximum one in 2,500. And guess what? If you purchase more than one ticket, your chances increase and you continue to support a great cause. Tickets are selling for $250 each, and you can purchase up to 10 tickets per transaction. Buy your Tesla Raffle tickets here »

Did we mention? When you purchase a Tesla Raffle ticket, you’re also gaining a shot at four other great prizes, including a Zero Motorcycle, a Rec Tec Kitchen Sink Bundle Wood Pellet Grill, a create your own dream vacation and $1,000 cash.

Gain your best chance at becoming a winner by focusing in on the Center for Family Resources’ Tesla Raffle! With a one in 2,500 chance, why not? Even if you don’t walk away with any of our five great prizes that we are raffling off, you still win by helping to empower families in need with your raffle ticket purchase. Thank you in advance for supporting our cause, and good luck!

Buy your Tesla Raffle tickets here »

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